Scham und Schuld
Symposium für trauma- und körperorientierte Psychotherapie
14./15. Juni 2019 in Leipzig
Psychotraumatologie, Psychoanalyse, Körperpsychotherapie, Hirnforschung, Affektforschung, Bindungsforschung, moderne systemische Psychotherapie für Erwachsene sowie für Kinder und Jugendliche
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Kongressbuch 2017


Trauma-Institut-Leipzig an der Akademie für Ganzheitliche Psychotherapie

Fortbildungszyklen für Traumafachberater und Psychotraumatherapeuten

Akademie für Ganzheitliche Psychotherapie
Akademie für Ganzheitliche Psychotherapie
(gemeinnützige Organisation)
Fortbildung in trauma- und körperorientierter schulenübergreifender Psychotherapie


Preamble for the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) I. – III.

The GTC of the Academy for Integrative Psychotherapy Leipzig are subdivided into three specific areas of application:

I. GTC for the participation in:
open training seminars of the Leipzig Academy for Integrative Psychotherapy (GTC I. – cf.
According to our annual program, any colleague from the mental health field can register

II. GTC for the participation in:
open scientific symposia (e. g. "Trauma Potentials" series) of the Leipzig Academy for Integrative Psychotherapy (GTC II. – see below).
Interested colleagues as well as colleagues from other interdisciplinary fields (e.g. brain researchers, biologists, teachers, care workers, students and many more) can register

III. GTC for the participation in:
advanced training curricular of the Trauma-Institute-Leipzig (GTC III. – cf., which is a sub divisional structure of the Leipzig Academy for Integrative Psychotherapy.
These GTC regulate the admission of candidates for the training curriculum to become
- Trauma Counselor or
- Traumatherapist

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) II.

Regarding the participation in scientific symposia of the Leipzig Academy for Integrative Psychotherapy
As of: January 2011

1. Jurisdiction of the GTC II.

1.1. The following General Terms and Conditions regulate the contractual relationship between the participant of a scientific symposium (e.g. symposium trauma potentials) of the
Leipzig Academy for Integrative Psychotherapy (hereafter referred to as "Academy"), Leipziger Str. 36a in 04178 Leipzig, with the Academy.

1.2. Differing General Terms and Conditions of the participant are not valid.

2. Registration, Conference Fee, Registration Deadline

2.1. By sending your completed registration to the Academy and transferring the complete participation fee to the bank account of the Academy until 14 days before the event at the latest, you make an offer for the execution of a contract to participate in the event.

2.2. Registration can be completed online or by sending the completed form to the academy via postal service. Additionally, you can register on-site at the conference office of the academy during business hours.

2.3. Any bank fees or transfer costs have to be covered by the participant, so the full participation fee arrives at the academy’s account.

2.4. Registration forms have to be answered truthfully. By submitting your registration, you confirm that all submitted information is correct.

2.5. Regular registration ends 14 days prior to the event (see also section 2.1.). After that, you can only register by filling out the complete registration form and paying the participation fee cash on-site.

3. Conclusion of a Contract, Selection of the Participants

3.1. Only when the requirements of section 2 are completed, will your offer be accepted by the academy.

3.2. The contract is concluded online or by postal service, when the participant has received the corresponding confirmation.

3.3. If registration is completed on-site, the contract is concluded as soon as the participation fee is paid and the participant has received a receipt.

3.4. If a scientific symposium of the academy is sold out or the academy cannot confirm participation for any other reason, the fully registered participant will be informed about the cancellation and the participation fee will be refunded immediately.

4. Participation Discounts, Administration Costs

4.1. Possibly granted discounts are only valid when the remaining participation fee is has arrived on the academy’s bank account before the discount deadline.

4.2. If the academy rejects a registration because the requirements are not met (e.g. the registration form was not completed or the participation fee was not transferred fully), the academy is entitled to charge an administration fee of 30,00 Euro. This invoice is immediately payable.

4.3. If the rejection of registration leads to additional costs for the academy, which exceed the regular administration of a faulty registration, for instance, additional bank fees, necessary additional measures and such, the registering party has to cover those costs. The academy will invoice them with a written explanation.

5. Scope of services, Premises

5.1. The registration fee entitles the participant to participation in the regular program of the symposium.

5.2. Accommodation expenses are not included in the registration fess.

5.3. The probable room-capacity of workshops will be communicated at the event by a written announcement or oral notification during the event so participants can adjust. Reservations cannot be made.

6. Training Credit

6.1. The academy applies for all events for training credits with the East German psychotherapists chamber (OPK), unless the participants receive other information before an event.

6.2. If the OPK refuses to appoint training credits – whatever the reason – or reduces the credits, participants do not have claims of compensation against the academy

7. Cancellation of Events by the Academy

7.1. The event can be cancelled by the academy if there is a reason for it.

7.2. A cancellation due to small numbers of participants, will take place until 10 weeks before the event at the latest. Notice will go out only to participants who were registered.

7.3. In all other cases, participants will be informed as soon as possible about any cancellations or changes.

7.4. In the rare case of a cancellation of a scientific event, the participants will get their participation fee refunded immediately. Claims above and beyond are excluded, except for cases of intentional or grossly negligent conduct by the academy.

8. Cancellation by the participants

8.1. Cancellations of participants are possible. Cancellations have to be made in written form and take effect upon arriving at the academy.

8.2. Up until 10 weeks before the event, the participation fee will be fully refunded minus the regular administration fee. Cancellations less than 10 and up to 4 weeks prior to the event, 50% will be refunded minus the regular administration fee.

8.3. Less than 4 weeks before the event, participants will not get a refund anymore. Participants can however, provide a qualified substitute participant, who can participate in the event if he submits the completed participation form and the academy confirms his participation in written form.

8.4. In all of the described cases (8.2, 8.3.), the administration fee of 30 Euro has to be paid. This invoice is immediately payable. The administration fee will retained from the paid registration fee.

8.5. If the cancellation leads to additional costs for the academy, which exceed the regular administration of a cancellation, for instance, additional bank fees, necessary additional measures and such, the registering party has to cover those costs. The academy will invoice these with a written explanation. The academy will retain them from the paid registration fee.

9. Participation

9.1. Participation is at one’s own risk.

9.2. The academy shall not be liable for any damages that occur in course of participation except if they come about due to intentional or grossly negligent conduct by the academy. The academy is not liable for damages that occur due to the content of lectures or workshops or the behavior of other participants.

9.3. Each participant confirms by his participation that he critically evaluated his mental health and is convinced that he is up to dealing with the event.

10. Confidentiality

10.1. Each participant is responsible for up-keeping his personal duty of confidentiality according to his profession regarding all other participants. He will take care not to breach his confidentiality.

10.2. The same applies to professional confidentiality regarding any case examples – via supervision, video examples or live clients/patients.

10.3. Participants declare by their participation that they are aware of the legal regulations, will abide by them and will in the case of any breaches, will take responsibility for the consequences. The academy is not liable.

11. Expulsion from the Event

The academy reserves the right to expel participants from the event if they cause sustainable disruption. In this case, a refund of the participation fee does not take place.